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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Invitation: FTA English conference


Please come out to Playwright's Workshop Montreal on April 6th at 7pm for an in-depth Q&A session with the Artistic Director of the Festival TransAmériques, Marie-Hélène Falcon.
We have a rare opportunity to witness some of the top international theatre of our times in the luxury of our own home town. The Festival TransAmériques is a unique event in Montreal where the audience can explore a wide variety of the best international and local theatre and dance creations, and exchange ideas with the artists at any of the many "meet the artist" sessions, parties, or 'Round table Discussions" that the Festival offers.
A video presentation of samples from this year's upcoming shows and information about this year's cheaper tickets, special deals, and which shows are accessible for non-French speakers, will be presented by the festival's English representative Alison Darcy before the Q&A.
What are the shows this year? Where do they come from? How does the Artistic Directorship find the international projects? What is the selection process for local shows? How can we be a part of the activities? When are the free outdoor presentations? What can be done to better integrate the Anglo and Franco theatre scenes? What are the highlights of the 5th edition?
All these questions, discussions and more will be had, please come out and join us.
PWM only holds a certain amount of people, so please RSVP to Alison Darcy at, and she will send you a confirmation. 
Hurry before it's all full!
Thanks to Playwright's Workshop Montreal for hosting this event and to QDF and ELAN for helping to promote it.
It will be possible to reserve tickets at special rates. 
For more information :
Amélie Côté
Festival TransAmériques
514-842-0704 26

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