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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sunday Feature: Trevor Barrette on Antigone

(Photo: Annie Yao)

ANTIGONE A new look at a classic story
...every time I read it or see it rehearsed, I am reminded of how poignant and true the story is...
by Trevor Barrette (Director/Producer)

This summer, a group of 20 students and recent graduates of the John Abbott College's Professional Theatre Program will be presenting Sophocles' 'ANTIGONE' at the JAC Casgrain Studio Theatre from July 19th to July 22nd.

It's an exciting and theatrical piece that deals with themes of violence, power, gender roles, religion and, most importantly, family; themes that create the fabric of our society today and remind us of how mortal we really are.

From the first time I read Antigone, I was taken by its powerful story and all of the interesting characters and profound relationships. I knew that I wanted the opportunity to explore it further. And still, every time I read it or see it rehearsed, I am reminded of how poignant and true the story is, even for a modern day audience. I truly believe that this play is as alive today as it was when it was first performed in Ancient Greece, thousands of years ago.

The Antigone Vlog

It is the story of a woman, Antigone, who defies the inhumane edicts of a power hungry king and sacrifices everything she has to bring justice and honor to her family.

We’ve also sat a female senate around Creon, their merciless ruler...

We’ve set our play in the war room of a dystopian Thebes, a barren landscape created by the cursed house of Oedipus; a world of high stakes and low tolerance. This world, brought to life by our brilliant cast and crew, is poetic and highly stylized; illustrating the reality of the inner workings of the complex characters that inhabit it. 

We’ve also sat a female senate around Creon, their merciless ruler, and have allowed for the relationships between all the characters to develop beyond the limits of the script. We’ve armed the guards and messengers with machine guns and jacketed the lot of them with leather. A cold and eclectic set and our post-apocalyptic and steam punk mash costume design are the final touches that make our interpretation a must-see.

This story is as timeless as its teachings and words of wisdom, justice and love. 

We call ourselves the Kaleidoscope Theatre Ensemble and we are very excited to bring our retelling of ANTIGONE to the stage.

Whether this is your first time with the play or your hundredth, you are in for a treat!

ANTIGONE by Sophocles
July 19 to July 22 at 8pm
10$ General admission
Casgrain Studio Theatre
21 275 Rue Lakeshore, St-Anne-de-Bellevue
For more information or to reserve tickets contact (514) 238-1315

See also the video of Annie Yao's photos from preparation and presentation.

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