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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: A Flea in Her Ear

Kyle McIlhone and Alexandra Moss in Flea (Photo credit: Diane Moon)

Love & Farce
By Estelle Rosen

Farce has never been one of my favorite genres. I’m hooked on dramas. I think I fell in love with farce tonight. Go figure! I laughed so loud at The Dawson Theatre production of George Feydeau’s A Flea In Her Ear, thank goodness my seat mate laughed as loud as me! 
The expected elements of farce, absurd situations, confusion, mistaken identity were all there in full force. 

Set in 1907 at the height of  the Belle Epoque, Raymonde, after many years happily married, suspects her husband, Victor Emmanuelle, is having an affair. To test him she sends him a lurid invitation from an ‘anonymous’ admirer to meet at Hotel Coq d’Or.

When Victor Emmanuelle receives the letter, he has no interest in such an affair, and believes the invitation was meant for his handsome bachelor best friend Tournel. But Tournel has  his eye on Raymonde.

Confusion? Yup. Hilarious? Yup.

Utter mayhem ensues when they all end up at the hotel. The ‘raging torrent’ of confusion is hysterical. 

George Feydeau’s A Flea in Her Ear satisfies on many levels. Moreover, performances here were excellent and it was all well directed by Douglas Buchanan, Theatre History teacher at Dawson. This is not an easy play to direct at any time, without adding the fact these actors are students - but he and they pulled Flea off wonderfully..

Dawson Theatre2000 Atwater (Atwater metro), To Feb. 5
Running time: 2h30

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  1. Sounds like great fun. By now I hope everyone is aware of the new Dawson Theatre--easy to get to, comfortable seats.


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