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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: Rant Demon

by Estelle Rosen

If you believe, as I do, laughter is the best medicine don’t miss Keir Cutler’s Rant Demon. Laughter guaranteed.

Last year’s presentation was the start of Cutler’s departure from the Teaching Shakespeare series. An experience at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival triggered his ranting obsession, or as a psychologist termed it, verbally expressive with intermittent explosions.

Following his show at the Winnipeg Fringe Fesitival, he was reported to Child Find because of a letter from someone who accused him, based  on his presentation at the Fringe, of being a sexual predator.

There might have been a verbally expressive explosion. But he decided to write about it and make it part of his autobiographical monologue series. This year Rant Demon continues with this event and much more. 

Rant Demon seems more personal than any other works of his. We can all identify with one or another of his ranting issues. For Cutler, ranting isn’t restricted to verbal ranting – email ranting counts.

T.J. Dawe a mainstay of the Fringe Festival for many years, whom Cutler calls Fringe God, directed. 

Rant Demon is part of the Wildside Festival

Running time: 1 hour

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