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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Treat/February Heat

Well, we asked out platoon of contributors to discuss—oh! so seriously—who in the MELT community might be considered...well...comely; a discussion made all the more serious because we wanted to share it with you, dear readers, on the feast day of the saint who was clubbed and beheaded by Claudius II and whom we commemorate by eating chocolates and feeling lonely. For your pleasure, here are our choices.

One very serious contributor said, "When he took off his shirt in Bigger Than Jesus there was a collective sigh." (We never have fun at CharPo—it's one serious discussion about the state of Montreal English-Language theatre after another.) The subject of the earnest and grave conversation was Rick Miller.

We ran a profile—nothing if not erudite—on Daniel Brochu with a biiiiig picture and, for reasons we, at CharPo, simply do not understand, the profile (or picture?) became one of the most popular things on the whole site.

Sexy couples? We got 'em. But none are more enigmatic than the Duplicity Girls in Ned Cox's drama (played by the aesthetically pleasing Johanna Nutter and Paula Costain). The play posed lots of questions but also the very serious one CharPo's very serious people discussed in very serious discussions. Were the characters sisters or "sisters."

Duplicity Girls
Shaver; Gauthier-Frankel
They're not a couple—except in their brilliance in the alternative theatre scene—but they made a very nice pair during the MECCA ceremony last autumn. She is more than Miss Sugarpuss—she is the great (and—only in passing—gorgeous) Holly Gauthier-Frankel; he is, of course, director/actor Andrew Shaver (only incidentally a pretty-boy).

Perreault Ninacs
Technicians and designers are not simply plaid-clad, construction-helmeted jobbers, some have noticed (not us!). Some of them might even be considered prepossessing. Like lighting man David Perreault Ninacs.

One of our stony-faced group mentioned the diva of the upcoming MainLine show, Sexy Dirty Bloody Scary, and we looked at a picture of Joanne Sarazen and had to agree: she was slightly decorative.


Finally, they scared us a little in Medea last autumn, but there is a real couple in our theatre who seem to be aging together and a little à la Dorian Gray. They are France Rolland and Andreas Apergis.

Apergis and Rolland

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