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Monday, November 28, 2011

EVENT: Improspection


         Cat Moreau                                   photos by Joseph Ste. Marie
A collective of improvisers, francophones and anglophones together, that does impro-théâtre-comédie about themselves.
‘‘Staying in character, coming up things on the spot all the while trying to be funny isn't an easy task. They made it look real easy. I was smack right in the front row. We'll come back to this.’’ 
- Sassy (TujoHaHa)
After the FRINGE and MPROV Fest, IMPROSPECTION brings you : Laughters. Tears. Confidences.
BACKSTAGE – NIGHT – Paul and Maité are keeping an eye on the scene onstage and kill time as they wait for the moment juste to jump in.
MAITÉ - Qu’est-ce tu me demandes là stie Paul? J’ai-tu-déjà attendu longtemps pour rien… (Se parlant à elle-même.) Ben là, j’ai attendu… Haa c’est comme trop triste! (À Paul.) J’arrive pas à trouver. J’attend mes idées mais y arrivent pas.
PAUL - I have some cravings for chocolate.
MAITÉ - You talk like a pregnant woman. Hey, j'ai comme mal au coeur criss... 
Paul gets onstage doing a scene with Cat. Paul returns backstage.
MAITÉ - Hey you just did a scene playing Cat’s sister? Ark, c'est que mon mal de coeur m'écoeure un peu. (Ouvrant une bière.) Paul … I am the girl, so I don’t understand… why do you get to do Cat’s sister?
PAUL – I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. Pretty much all of my life I have been waiting for something to happen …

Avec  Cat Moreau, Maïté Sinave, Paul Naiman, Tessa Manuello
Directed by Tessa Manuello (contact : 514-621-7855 /

Le 5 décembre à 20h30, Au Nouveau Théâtre Sainte-Catherine, 264 rue Ste-Cat.  Est, $7, $5 Réduit        

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