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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New: Beyond the Mountain fund-raises for Children's Hospital

Beyond the Mountain raises over 500 for good cause
This past December Beyond the Mountain produced a fundraiser production of Paul Van Dyck's Paradise Lost with the help and generosity of the Segal Centre, for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. 
The production took place in the Segal Centre's main stage and the play, combined with a raffle, raised over $500 for the Montreal Children's Hospital. Artistic Director Danielle A. Caddell and General Manager Sara Rodriguez were on hand at the MCH foundation office recently to finalize the donation with a photo. Danielle and Sara are also looking forward to raising more funds for the Children's Hospital with Beyond the Mountain's upcoming critically acclaimed production of Now and at the Hour coming directly from San Francisco to Montreal's historic Rialto theatre May 2012.  At each performance of Now and at the Hour, proceeds from the sale of the programs will be donated to the MCH Foundation.

(Submitted by Beyond the Mountain)

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