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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Appeal: Why Tableau d'Hote must be saved

by Estelle Rosen

In the 15 years I’ve been producing Upstage, I have seen many new theatre production companies arrive on the Montreal theatre scene. It's always an exciting event for me. Unfortunately, I have also seen way too many, for one reason or another, close after one season. 

The Montreal theatre community was enhanced with the arrival of Tableau d’Hote Theatre. The first production I saw was Morris Panych’s Lawrence & Holloman presented in a large space in a downtown building.  I was impressed with their creativity then, and still.

We all start new ventures with plans, goals, dreams etc. To see a new young theatre company adhere to, and even surprass, those dreams is not to be taken lightly. Knowing how difficult, to say the least, it is to follow one’s vision made it all the more significant that Tableau d’Hote Theatre was able to do so and more. 

Their goal was to present exciting, provocative, relevant theatre. Just a quick look at some of their pieces would indicate they achieved that. 

From  Joan McLeod’s Amigo’s Blue Guitar, 7 Stories by Morris Panych, Judith Thompson’s A Lion in the Streets to the challenging presentation of George F. Walker’s 6 plays in the Suburban Motel Series, they have stayed true to their mandate, and expanded their wings. Not an easy road. But they accomplished it. 

Tableau d’Hote Theatre has consistently presented us with creative theatre experiences.

It would be a terrible loss to the vibrant Montreal theatre scene if they weren’t part of our community

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