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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Char-Poll Results: Where do you get your info

CharPo is well aware that our polls aren't scientific.


In terms of purely anecdotal evidence the results of our last poll, asking you where you got your information on Montreal English-language theatre, does reveal some interesting trends. Those who filled in the poll could offer several replies and what we seem to see is that the world it is a changin'. Most of our readers get their info from social networks (57%) and word of mouth (64%). The former seems to be borne out from our own stats, here at CharPo, which suggest a huge chunk of our viewers come from links on Twitter and Facebook (growing quickly, in terms of referrals, is Google). Weeklies, in terms of info, do quite well too (39%) and that is not a surprise either as the theatre here is becoming younger, more alternative and the weeklies aim at its audience. TV and Radio scored zero, which strikes us as a little odd (and may be a statistical anomaly). Dailies sit at 14%. 

Our new poll, on the right of the page, asks you for your impressions of WildSide. Click away.

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