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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

EVENT: Chekhov's Children, July 27-30, 2011



The promising new theatre company Working Title Productions emerges with a contemporary and innovative adaptation of Chekhov's classic, The Seagull — chekhov's children, adapted by director Logan Williams. Following in the footsteps of the tragic yet inventive central character of Treplev, the company has dedicated itself to telling this old story in a new way. 

chekhov's children tells the story of art, love and loss. In quintessential Chekhovian style it pulls and winds heartstrings with a wintery sense of humor. Chekhov's plays have been said to create a specific atmosphere through his characters rather than being plot-driven. All of his characters need something desperately, and they're very vocal about it. Acting in a Chekhov play is said to be an actor's dream, because the characters always say exactly what they are thinking. Be it new forms in the theatre, becoming a famous actress, gaining approval, being left alone, or simply living — every character is on a journey to attain happiness. It is the interaction between these flesh and blood human beings that creates the beauty of the story. 

Working Title Production's goal is to provide a new experience to the audience by fusing acting at its purest base with an innovative design concept, all the while exploring new forms and expressions. In chekhov's children, they accomplish this by staying true to the classic Russian world of Chekhov, while exploring the acting styles of Bertolt Brecht's Epic Theatre and Robert Wilson's Theatre of Images. It is fitting that this company has chosen to re- imagine The Seagull as its first production, for — as Treplev so passionately proclaims — "We need new kinds of expression!" 
Working Title Productions brings forth a Seagull reborn — reborn as chekhov's children.

chekhov's children
Espace 4001 Space
4001 Berri (corner Duluth)
July 27 - 30, 2011, 8:00pm
July 31, 2011, 2:00pm
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