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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: The Vindictive Vice President

The indie-go-go fund-raising pitch for The Vindictive Vice President

Romping with The Players
by Valerie Cardinal

The Vindictive Vice President, or The Detectivorial Sleuthings of
Messers Moarcock and Morgenstern in Regards to the Heinous Murder of
Mr. Ingolbladt is a cute, farcical romp. It opens well, with a nicely
written and funny murder scene. The play then turns into a full scale
investigation by bumbling detective Nathaniel Moarcock and his (maybe
a little too) capable assistant Valerie Septimus Morgenstern as they
try to track down the wealthy Mr. Ingolbladt's murderer.

I almost wish that Kyle Mcilhone had pushed his Morgenstern further
into farce; he was alternately the straight man to Moarcock's
silliness and a goofy flibbertigibbet, two radical sides that were
sometimes a little jarring. Travis Martin was deliciously evil as the
not-too-subtle fiend Vindictus Vindictum Vindictus, but I suggest he
not eat his words so much. Fellow word-eater Derek Johns gets
away with it as a Cockney security guard, if only because he does it
with such joy and enthusiasm that it just works.

However, my favourite remains Liana Bdewi as secretary Lactacia
Norternbottom, who really throws herself into the silliness of her
character and also gets many of the funniest lines. The writing itself
was also quite witty, although I found some of the jokes were slightly
groan-worthy, and one bit of physical comedy left me feeling a little
uncomfortable. However, this show was obviously a hit with its roaring
audience in the nearly full-house this evening, its opening night. While definitely a
student production, The Vindictive Vice President was an entertaining
and light way to pass the time with a show that doesn't take itself
too seriously.

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