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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

EVENT: Dick Powell's In The Mood For Jazz

The Montreuxyal Festival of Jazz presents their Master's Series, looking back at people who have influenced the evolution of jazz. Tonight's Guest: Dick Powell. Hear him sing songs from his films such as "My Father The Bull Terrier" and "Ghost Butler", his landmark quadruple album "In The Mood For Jazz", and certainly nothing from his banned record "Squaw Valley". Joining Dick on stage, his second ex wife and the mother of some of his children, the effervescent Laura Thornton. 
starring Graham Cuthbertson as The Step Father of Jazz, "Dick Powell"
Angela Galuppo as the incanescent, "Laura Thornton"
& featuring Patrick Costello as venerable jazz critic, "Holly Vanderbilt Houston III"

and featuring

•Sage Reynolds, bs as "Milt Samson"
•Jeff Louch, pn as "Shorty Benton"
•Erik Hove, sx as "Buster Nelligan"
•J-S William, gt as "Jorge Ponderosa"
•Buck Wheaton, dr as "Buck Wheaton"

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