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Thursday, June 16, 2011

News: Frankie Award Nominations Announced (Fringe 2011)

FRINGE 2011: FRANKIE Award Nominees Announced!

The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival announces the nominations for the 2011 FRANKIE Awards

June 16th, 2011- The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE is pleased to announce the nominations for this year’s FRANKIE Awards. The award ceremony, celebrating the best and brightest of the FRINGE, will be taking place at the Cabaret du Mile End (5240, av. Du Parc) on June 19th, 11pm.

Here are the nominations, in no particular order:
Centaur Theatre (Best English Production)
• Hearts4Noses for Blink Blink Blink
• Horse Trade for Radio Star
• Doctor Keir Co. for Teaching Hamlet
• Belzébrute for Manga
• JingJu Canada for Crossroads
• MW Productions for Suicide(s) in Vegas
Zone Homa (Meilleur spectacle en français)
• C.R.É.A.T.U.R.E for Les Demies
• Stuko-Théâtre for SexeMania
• Les Casseroles for Le mur de lucidité
Les Escales Improbables (Meilleur spectacle pluridisciplinaire)
• Still Milking the New Sacred Cow for Body Slam
• Wants and Needs for Piss in the pool
• Mille-chevaux-vapeurs for Défenestre-moi
Centre des auteurs dramatiques (Écrivain prometteur francophone):
• Guillaume Lapierre-Desnoyers for SexeMania
• Louis Philippe Tremblay for Pleine Lune
• Suzanne Valliêres-Nolet for Les demies
Cirque du Soleil® (Meilleure création originale)
• Les 3 Garçons for Soir de première
• LaboKracBoom for Les chroniques du Laboratoire Unik
• Stuko-Théâtre for SexeMania
• Pirate Panda for Who is Aristipuss?
Théâtre Denise-Pelletier (Prix Fred-Barry pour meilleure scénographie-production design)
• Belébrute for Manga
• JingJu Canada for Crossroads
• Productions Enpremier for Acte
• Productions Eskal for Les blues des chaises folles
• Pirate Panda for Who is Aristipuss?
Chapters (Best English Text)
• Duqamuq Productions for Chipmunks Ate My Bike
• Two Tickets to Bingtown for Adopt This!
• MaryBeth Productions 8 Ways My Mother was Conceived
• Just Kidding Productions for The Motherhouse
Chapters (Meilleure texte francophone)
• Stuko-Théâtre for SexeMania
• Productions Eskal for Les blues des chaises folles
• C.R.É.A.T.U.R.E for Les Demies
• Productions Jardins Sauvages for Aussi léger qu’une étoile
MainLine Theatre (The Next Stage Award)
• Front Porch Productions for Rains down in Africa
• Sheep in Fog for The Birth of Weza or Go F@#k Your Mother
• Belzébrute for Manga
• The Beast/Monamie for So We Thought We Could Act
• Robin Henderson Presents for The Only Bar
Studio 303 (Prix Flexi-Chorégraphie Innovatrice)
• Still Milking the New Sacred Cow for Body Slam
• Alizés Danse for Ceci n’est pas du sexe
• Fleur d’Asphalte for Ceci n’est pas une sortie
• Wants and Needs Danse for Piss in the Pool
• Collectif de danse l’Analogie for Reciprok
• Collectif Cassiopé Danse for Sa tête a rencontré un mur
• Entre-Deux for Siblings
• Shannon Gillen and guests for Clap for the Wolfmen
• InFluxdance for Justice for Some
Just For Laughs (Best Comedy Award)
• Two Tickets to Bingtown for Adopt This!
• StanfoBro for Verbal Diary-Ah!
• Elizabeth Blue for Am I Blue?
• JingJu Canada for Crossroads
• Peter n Chris for Peter n Chris Save the World
• Weeping Spoon for Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl
• Front Porch Productions for Rains Down in Africa
• Hearts4Noses for Blink Blink Blink
Centre d’Affaires (Best Poster Design)
• LaboKracBoom for Les Chroniques du laboratoire Unik
• Brave New Productions for Being Earnest
• for Here’s to Love!
Spirit of the FRINGE
Greenland Productions Music Award
The St Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival is the ultimate Summer happening to hit up for that unbeatable neighborhood feel! Block party and performing arts collide every June in the Plateau Mont-Royal for this celebration of creativity without limits that includes music, humor, dance and theatre from over 500 performers. The Montreal FRINGE is completely bilingual, and includes local, national and international artists!

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