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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: Uncalled For Presents: The Trial of the Century (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Émilie Charlebois

I saw this show with someone who had never seen Uncalled For perform and someone like me, who has seen them many times. The verdict was still: delightful! The entire piece is an improvised trial with a special guest who’s name, background and crime are all decided by the audience who also supplies key witnesses and acts as the jury at the very end. Not only was it opening night, but this is the first time Uncalled For does something like this…and it kinda showed. The show started out a little rocky, but these guys never fail to make fun of themselves or each other when that happens, so the funny was still there (props to Dan Jeannotte’s snarky judge) and they pulled it all together for the end (Anders Yates’ closing statement was genius). As always, Uncalled For are a hoot to watch, and there is no doubt this show will only get better with every performance (every show is different)!


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