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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: Remember Ezra (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Jessica Wei

Remember Ezra is an interesting show in all of its contradictions. It is, invariably throughout the play: funny yet stiflingly dark, touching but cold, charming and then completely unappealing. The plot is convoluted but cliché, the script overwritten but at the same time, painfully obvious.

Gideon Malloy retraces his memories of his deeply disturbed older brother, Ezra, after an interrogation from a mysterious detective who claims that Ezra has disappeared. Through flashbacks and brief interactions with their sister, Gideon's girlfriend, and the detective, we are led to excavate the somewhat psychotic relationship between the two brothers. The acting is commendable, particularly that of Daniel Rowe as Ezra, who fits this character like a glove. The direction is clever and quick, with some of the smoothest scene transition I've seen in a while. However Рthe writing. The writing needs a tune-up. The dialogue is repetitive until it is clich̩. They maybe tried a little too hard at witty banter, but it often falls flat. There are some shining moments, most of them delivered by Rowe, but they really need to get to them faster. It's an interesting plot-line, with stellar actors and genuinely creative directing, but the script is slowing them down from being a huge Fringe hit.

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