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Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: So We Thought We Could Act (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Valerie Cardinal

So We Thought We Could Act is the charming story of Dolores and Beatrice, two best friends who sell their soul to the devil to follow their dream of becoming Broadway stars. Not an easy thing when Diane Jolie, the prettiest girl at their school, is always one step ahead of them.

I feel like I was seeing the abridged version of the show, because some parts felt a little rushed and made me want to see more. There are a few genuinely catchy songs that I could see working on a larger stage and with a larger cast. Helen Prandekas and Rena Hundert are wonderfully adorable as two best friends who just can’t catch a break. Their ability to switch between different ages effectively made the show worth seeing.

I could feel Diane Jolie falling out of character sometimes. [Ed: the name of the actor playing this role is uncredited on the Fringe and the show's web site.] This is a shame, because when she was good she was a great sashaying, giggling farce with Marilyn Monroe’s hair. Comedian Rodney Ramsay was responsible for playing every other role, from butlers to producers to the devil himself, and he does it well.

With a bigger stage to work with and a little work, So We Thought We Could Act could be a hit. As it is, it delivered a quirky and amusing tale to the packed Freestanding Room.

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