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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: eXs and Ohs (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Valerie Cardinal

eXs & Ohs is literally about X’s and O’s – hugs and kisses, love and sex, the beginning and end of relationships and everything in between. It’s the story of Wendy and Cassandra, two roommates with very different goals in the area of love and lust, and Joe, Wendy’s ex, who is trying to win back her affections. It’s also a commentary on sex, love and relationships, with a few interludes breaking up the actual narrative.

The energy of the production is off the charts, which makes the audience root for people who clearly really want to be telling them this story. Audience members are even personally greeted when they walk in by cast members stretching onstage. However, there might be a little too much enthusiasm sometimes – I found myself almost deafened by the referee whistles often used to change the scene.

Using only a few milk crates and some basic props, the cast of eXs & Ohs creates many different settings for their story. The musings on sex and love sometimes interrupt the flow of the narrative, but are always cute and funny.

eXs & Ohs could make for a light, funny date show. It may be too cutesy for some, but it struck just the right chord of quirky for me. Besides, when the actors are this excited about what they’re doing, it’s nearly impossible to dislike it.

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