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Thursday, March 17, 2011

CharPo Twee-atre, First script: One Voice

One Voice

A Twee-atre play by François Vincent and David King
Edited by Gaëtan L. Charlebois
(All rights to this work - including performance - remain with the authors. Please contact CharPo to secure permissions)

Lights come up. Scene: a funeral parlor. An open casket. Em, a woman, 40 or so, enters, sits by casket. Silence.

Em (to herself)
Rob, you fool! You fool!

Rob (in casket)
Stop staring at me like that.

I told you so. Can I say that now? I told you so?

What did you tell him? You may sit there all smug, but I blame you for this you know.

Dammit, Rob. I was.. I am. I am a good mother to him. I told you... I asked you not to say anything. Take a good look. Look at him. Laying there. Staring at me like this is my fault. I tried to stop you. That letter was strongly worded. The strongest words I knew.

(Lights begin to dim)

Every kid needs to know, Em. Every child eventually...


To read about the process used to create this work, click here.
CharPo will be presenting a new work for World Theatre Day, March 27, at 7pm (GMT-4) You can follow on Twitter @gcharlebois

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