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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Friday Five, March 11, 2010

Five Twitter Feeds should be following
by Gaëtan L. Charlebois

Yadda yadda yadda...narcissism...yadda yadda yadda...essential tool...yadda yadda yadda...DO IT!

He's not just a film critic anymore. Since Roger Ebert lost much of his lower face and ability to speak, he has used social networks, especially Twitter, to express himself. He has provocative thoughts and ideas on so many subjects the mind reels. Be warned: he is a liberal.

Part of all our jobs is to follow world theatre and therefore it is key we follow theatre news, in English, from theatre centres. The Guardian has been an internet pioneer for a long time, offering pretty much all if its content free since forever. Their Twitter feed is a direct link to theatre news of the world. I also follow their news link, @guardian. Be warned: they are liberals.

Their Twitter feed gives you a direct link to all the reviews they offer online and also a lot of the news stories and many of the profiles. As with the Guardian, they also offer news bulletins. (I see dead people.) Be warned: they are crypto-liberals.

@QuebecDramaFed / @ELANQuebec 
The two orgs offer local theatre and arts news, retweets and links. These folks are good at staying on top of things.

2am Theatre, a massively followed Tweeter, is the king of the germane (to theatre people) retweets because he also follows damn near everyone. You'll find invites to tweet-ups, news from artists, advice to theatre people on networking, and links, most of them fascinating, up the wazoo.

Trick: some of the feeds you follow also follow interesting feeds of which you weren't even aware. You can find out who these people are following simply by looking at their friends lists and following these feeds yourself. Also, many, many cultural info websites have Twitter feeds that you can join by a simple click on the Twitter icon.

Suggestion: Theatres here and around the world have Twitter feeds; join the ones of companies who interest you. 

Warning: Twitter is a bit like Facebook; people think the more followers they have, the more popular they are. It's not true of FB, nor of Twitter. If someone follows your feed do not "return the favour" unless you know who they are and then want to follow. Lots of Twitter feeds are pure, grade-d, fat'n'gristle spam. Worse, there is some evidence there are cyber-stalkers waiting for you to announce you're at a bar having drinks so they can clean out your house...and not in a nice way. Here's another scary Twitter story.

Us: We did not put in feed in the Friday Five because we assume you are already following @gcharlebois


  1. pffft.

    no twitter love for the @matness.

    (just kidding: i wholeheartedly agree with following all of the feeds mentioned).

  2. I would suggest if you are new to twitter to follow some local feeds of people who are talking to one another. Twitter is a conversation, and if you are only following informational feeds like the above (which are important) then you will miss out on the pleasure of twitter, and probably stop using it.

    I guess this is twitter love for you @matness.



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