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Thursday, March 3, 2011

News: CharPo launches it first Twee-atre season March 15

CharPo plays - reserve your Tweets.

CharPo will be launching its first season of short Twee-atre works, March 15, 7 p.m. (to 7:15 p.m.), on Twitter. ("Seats" are free, you simply have to follow the feed @gcharlebois)

The first play of the season will be written by playwright/director/journalist David King and improv specialist and member of Montreal Improv, François Vincent. Both are also CharPo contributors. The moderator for the first outing will be Gaëtan L. Charlebois, CharPo publisher.

Twee-atre is short plays, created by playwrights, using some of the tools of the improv genre but, for the moment, maintaining the artist/audience model.

At the starting time, the moderator presents a title, initial scene/location and initial characters. The participating playwrights have not been warned of the content in advance. The playwrights are given hashtags (#): #pw1, #pw2 (playwright 1, playwright 2) and must create the dialogue, subsequent changes to scene and addition of characters in that order. As the end of the agreed-upon length of the play approaches, the moderator signals with, "The lights begin to dim"; the playwrights must then begin, quickly, to wrap up. The moderator then tweets: "Blackout." Reaction from followers to the CharPo feed (criticisms), follow.

Well, it's several-fold. We want to introduce or re-introduce Montreal English-language writing talent to a wide audience; we want to generate excitement for a very vibrant theatre scene; we want to increase awareness of CharPo and what our many contributors (mostly artists) have to offer the wider community (ie: the audience). And we want to have fun.

The play created will be published at CharPo. All rights to subsequent performances of the work created remain with the playwrights who can be contacted via CharPo.

If you would like to write upcoming Twee-atre works, contact us.

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