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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Question, December 3, 2012

My words + their riffs = our vibe = Song. Song x Feel = Our Sound.
by Estelle Rosen

Carolyn-Fe Trinidad is a singer/songwriter, actress, producer, businesswoman. She has brought insight and depth to her theatre and music projects. Having temporarily stepped off the theatre stage to pursue her musical project, Carolyn-Fe writes and produces original highly charged emotional lyrics.

CHARPO: You've recently made a rather dramatic switch from theatre to music. Besides the satisfaction and gratification derived from fulfilling one's dream, what would you say is the best part of this experience? 

It always catches me off guard when I am reminded of the switch from theatre to music. While preparing my response to The Question, I noticed one of the questions to another artist in this series included opportunities for women actors over 40 years of age.  That really hit me. I'm 51 years old and although I feel a lot younger, I have not left the theatre. It feels as if the theatre left me.  A visible minority-over 40 actress, that’s me.  It seems that there are not too many roles out there for my profile and when the music took flight, I haven't had the time to network with the theatre world. I have kept in touch with a handful of theatre friends and contacts but as the saying goes,  out of sight – out of mind . I have also put to sleep my theatre production company, Altera Vitae, until further notice. I am proud and grateful that my last production in 2009 was a success and profitable.

Music, however is ageless, especially the Blues.  The older we get the better the Blues story and the more people listen to what we have to say about what matters. 

What I really like about this experience is the continuity with the same group of people and seeing the evolution of our work. In theatre, once a production is done there is no guarantee that we will be working with the same cast and/or crew – even though companies have their rosters of favourite actors.

With bands – at least my band (Carolyn Fe Blues Collective) we write the songs together. The formula: My words + their riffs = our vibe = Song. Song x Feel = Our Sound.

Working intensely with the same guys helped develop that special synergy where an idea is started by someone, completed with the help of the band and together, we push the envelope to the sound we're looking for. These are moments that are experienced in theatre but again in my humble opinion, it’s quite temporary.

Oh! Here's another ‘best part of the experience’. I have the greatest & most rewarding job. As a singer, I've had the opportunity to witness ‘magic’ that happens to the audience.  I see what happens to folks who really appreciate what one has to share and they ‘return"it, so to speak. When I am on stage, what you are seeing is me seeing you. In theatre, I can't see you.

Then there is the magic that happens after the show. It's not about the standing ovation.  This is another type of ‘return’ . It happens when the gear, costumes and high heels are set aside to wait for the next show. It happens when I walk through the aisles of the venue or the festival grounds or the city . It is when they hold my forearms and whisper about how the lyrics and music touched them. It's hearing complete strangers « sumble » (sing and mumble) my songs as they isolate themselves in public with the protection of their MP3  earphones – and I am right beside them, incognito. 

All these best experiences and more, have been confirmed with industry nominations and awards. It assures me that I am on the right path with my guys. I won't hide it, I am proud of the industry accolades I've received. I am overjoyed about the media response, critiques,  support from audiences and the growing fan base. 

In 2013, Carolyn Fe Blues Collective has been invited to showcase at the Blues Summit 6 in Toronto! This event happens only every two years and this year,we’re honoured to have been chosen especially as it coincides with the Maple Blues Awards! Both events are produced by the Toronto Blues Society. 

After our Quebec Lys Blues Award for Best Blues And Associated Styles Album 2012 for Original Sin, various nominations, being invited to Blues festivals, it really feels so good to spread our music beyond Quebec's borders and have our music played worldwide. Our third CD is now in the works.We will have a really special guest artist on it. He's known on an international level and has played with the Blues Legends of our time such as Koko Taylor, BB King..but, shhhhh, for now we will be announcing it in due time!

Here are the guys that help make these best experiences happen: Dan Legault (Co-founder, Drummer,Back Vocals), Tim Alleyne (Keyboad, Back Vocals), Rami Cassab (Guitar), Oisin Little (Bass, Back Vocals)

Before I go, just remember, I didn't leave the theatre.  I still stand at the crossroads with a foot in each world. I'll be back to the theatre when you least expect it. 


  1. Carolyn and the boys ROCK. Good read.

  2. I've seen her as an actor, I've seen her work as a director, I've seen her on stage with her band. There is no end to Carolyn's talents. This woman is an artistic machine.

  3. Carolyn Fe is Powerhouse! There is no end to her energy and kindness. Her theatre company - Altera Vitae not only produced excellent theatre, she used her productions to champion and raise awareness about social issues - from suicide, homelessness, abuse (bullying), gay rights, etc. Through her band, she continues her social awareness.
    Ms Rosen, you nailed it when you said "She has brought insight and depth to her theatre and music projects". Thank you for asking Carolyn the question.


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