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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fringe 2011...WE'RE OFF!

Tonight our reviewers begin to deploy to the actual shows in this year's Fringe
Along with previews, interviews and profiles, we will be covering as much of the English-language theatre in the Festival as we can. Reviews should be coming in a steady stream from the ten reviewers we have let loose on the event. All have Fringe experience (several having worked on Fringe coverage for The Gazette). 

We are using a new ratings system: Charpies (thank you David King for the name of our mascot). Companies want the top rating (five) and each review will be followed by its rating and it will look like this:

You will find our reviews, articles, blogs and EVENT listings in our Fringe Aggregator, updated regularly.

Happy Fringing from all of us at CharPo!

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