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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Upstage Interview: Lynn Paquette on fund-raising for The Medea Effect

You get sucked into it like quicksand.
Upstage Host Eric Sukhu spoke with Lyne Paquette, Artistic Director of Talisman Theatre,  about  their fundraising campaign for their next production The Medea  Effect.
UPSTAGE:   Tell us about the show.
PAQUETTE – The Medea Effect by Suzie Bastien will be at Theatre La Chapelle from Oct. 11 to 20. Directed by Emma Tibaldo, with Leni Parker and Eloi ArchamBaudoin.

UPSTAGE: Is this based on the Medea we know?

PAQUETTE: It’s more a discussion of Medea; a story within a story. A director is speaking with an actress who has just crashed the audition. He’s looking for a Medea. She wants to play Medea; we learn that her life is similar to Medea.

I think theatre has an important role to mirror society. It should be thought provoking, healing, and discussing significant items.

UPSTAGE: Seems to be a different take on the story; told from the actor’s point of view? 

PAQUETTE: Yes and we begin to understand the parallel lives that actors and characters sometimes lead. We also get a glimpse of the love/hate relationship between directors and actors.

UPSTAGE: What’s the history of this production?

PAQUETTE:  It was staged in French in Quebec City in 2005. The English version, translated by Nadine Desrochers, is a première. 

UPSTAGE: Why did you choose to do this play?

PAQUETTE: Director Emma Tibaldo did this play as her final year project at National Theatre School. That was ten years ago. In the play it’s about an actress who played Medea ten years ago.

UPSTAGE: What drew you to the story?

PAQUETTE: It’s the storytelling that’s fantastic. You get sucked into it like quicksand. It touches on  important essential questions making it a great piece of theatre.

UPSTAGE: I notice a lot of Talisman pieces have a dark side to them. What attracts you to plays with a bit of that  darkness?

PAQUETTE: I think theatre has an important role to mirror society. It should be thought provoking, healing, and discussing significant items. Fun and entertainment is good; it’s important to laugh. But it’s also important to reflect.

UPSTAGE: I like what  you just said. It’s so true that balance is key.

PAQUETTE: We’re also trying to promote Québecois culture. That’s what they like to do. Pick at a scab, make it bleed a bit, It’s not all fun and games.

UPSTAGE: In order for this play to happen, you’re doing a campaign with Indiegogo. For those listeners who aren’t familiar with Indiegogo, tell us a little bit about it.

PAQUETTE: Filmmakers use it a lot. It’s new to theatre. In order to pay our people properly, plus cover the  costs for set and costumes, we’re trying to raise $7000 by August 31.  Details are on our website.

The Talisman Website

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