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Friday, June 3, 2011

EVENT: blink blink blink (Fringe 2011)

hearts4noses presents
blink blink blink
a new solo comedy by Kirsten Rasmussen
at the 2011 Montreal Fringe Festival

Blink Blink Blink is the comedic story of a motivational speaker Sara Tonin, and a scared little bunny, Benjamin Bunny.  All Sara wants is the SUCCESS and HAPPINESS she’s worked so hard for. All Benjamin wants is to be more courageous like his HEROIC FATHER. They both strive so blindly for their goals, that they lose sight of themselves and COLLIDE head-on with each other. 

Blink Blink Blink has just returned from Regina Saskatchewan where Kirsten did a seven show run for the Globe Theatre’s Shumiatcher Sandbox Series.

Known as Montreal’s Queen of Improv, Kirsten Rasmussen has produced over fifty improv and sketch shows in the last year.  Such shows include You & me and Me & You which was nominated for Just For Laugh’s Best Comedy in last years fringe, and Dick & Honey’s Guide to Successful Living, an audience favourite at Montreal Improv, where Kirsten is a co-director and teacher. 

In this production of Blink Blink Blink Kirsten joins up with amazing pianist Jeff Louch to create the soundscape for the show, and a few songs too. Jeff Louch has been performing, writing and recording music in Montreal for the past 10 years.   He has been a part of various notable jazz, rock and musical theatre groups.  Now he spends his time leading his rock band, Victory Chimes as well as writing music for film and theatre. 

For any more info please contact
Kirsten Rasmussen

It can all change,
in the BLINK of an eye!

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