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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Friday Five, Pre-Fringe Edition, June 3, 2011

by Estelle Rosen

Recipe for fun: Place on stage Zack Winters, Sweet Sweet Jimmy Priest, Rufus O’Hallahan. Mix in eleven second dance parties. Stir well. Enjoy!
June 10-18 – THE 13th HOUR -  Cabaret du Mile End - 5240 Park Ave.

Ever feel like singing out loud?  Accompanying a fave song on radio? Try karaoke…
June 7 – Crowd Karaoke – Le Cagibi 5490 Boul-st-laurent 

If you agree fun is the Fringe’s middle name - get yourself over to the 11th edition of  Drag Races. Spectator or participant, you’re in for a treat. Mado Lamotte hosts.
June 18 – 4pm - DRAG RACES  

Intimate.  Obscene. 
June 12 – Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school documentary
Cabaret du Mile End – 5240 Park Ave.

Murals on Montreal walls soon? 
Emerging artists collaborate on a spontaneous creation of murals. 
June 18 & June 19 – 12pm – EN MASSE - Fringe Park

- For much, much more on The Fringe, visit the CharPo Fringe Aggregator

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