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Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Person: Anna Papadakos

Dear Montreal Theatre,

The year is coming to a close.  This is the time to reflect, to make promises for what we will both do and will never do again in 2011. Today, I would like to take a pause in the hectic life of a Montreal artist to write about all the English Montreal plays I have not seen.  

Obviously, I would not have made a good critic in 2010 since one has to see the work to critique the work, right? Although, I must admit that at times I have read critiques, of works that I did indeed attend and the reviewer appears to have seen a very different play.

Perspective. It is really all about perspective, also known as P.O.V in the world of film. Oh yes, I will take the liberty to flaunt everything I know. P. O. V. = Point of View and since I am not quite informed regarding the state of the Montreal theatre scene of 2010, I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to not only brush up on what I do know but perhaps even educate the readers of this article.

Now, let’s return to the subject of all the Montreal theatre that I have not attended in 2010. At this point I draw a blank however, I am determined to go on. My robe is appropriately disheveled as is my hair and my espresso is lukewarm just as it should be for an artist like me. Right? Right! 

Onward I march. Well, I suspect that the plays I missed were wonderfully brilliant filled with innovative ideas. The works reflected the input of the collective- a direction more and more companies and groups are taking. The acting, generally speaking, was superbly delightful, subtle and complex while some plays would have benefited from a stronger director’s hand. A handful of works could have endured a tad more dramaturgy but other elements (lighting, staging and acting) compensated making them worthy of the spectator’s time. Sets and costumes were imaginative and evocative yet strikingly simple; reflective of our dwindling arts budgets and funding cuts. 

To wrap up my little excursion into the world I have not explored I would like to finish off by teaching you all yet one more film terminology – “it’s a wrap”..and that people means “we are finished”! In this case “I am finished”. Next time, I might just write about something I do know! Oh, and before I “exit”:
“Montreal theatre scene – I love you for inspiring me to write about you!”

Yours truly,

Anna Papadakos


  1. What a welcome relief to actually hear from Anna Papadakos who lead the avant-garde theatre scene of Montreal over a full decade. Her keen sense of multidisciplinary creation will surely enlighten many a theatre goer and provide clues to where the art of performance can be taken. A refreshing presence... No doubt ! Looking forward to many comments and reviews. Good choice monsieur Charlebois.

  2. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I see here a brilliant commentary on the "cookie cutter" review we typically get from "theater critics" who likely do not see past the technical and, who may, in many cases, do not see through to the heart of the piece. Question: why is it called a "RE-view," indicating that something has been "viewed" more than once?

  3. Am already looking forward to all the theater work you will not see in 2011 !

  4. I feel like I've seen not only 2010 Montreal theatre but 2009 as well!


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