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Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Person: A Day in the life of...Steve Galluccio

So it’s been kinda crazy these days, the way I like it. I just got back from dinner with Denise Robert at Nizza then my boyfriend and I headed off to the TNM to catch “Le dieu du carnage”. A sublime production, which is just as good as the one I saw starring Gandolfini on Broadway last year was...

So now I’m back home (my boyfriend’s and my future home) and I am about to settle down to work on Mambo 2. Denise suggested I write a sequel, I figured the time was right, I wrote a first draft which she loved and now I’m working on a second, because she wants to shoot next summer. We had lunch with Ginette (Reno) last week and she’s on board, now the question is, will the others join in too? 

Denise and I are also co-producing a Québécois version of “39 Steps”: we acquired the rights after we both fell in love with the play last year in New York and it should be up and running in 2012. We’ve secured the venue (a 900 seater no–less) we had it translated, we hired a director and now it’s all about budgets and finding our actors. But that’s easy,  my real challenge this week is to find an outfit to wear next Tuesday for my interview  I have  on Musimax to plug “Funkytown”. It’s the first of many, Funkytown has the biggest buzz of any project I was involved in since Mambo, the movie. I was told that a character on “Tout Sur Moi” mentioned the movie (I don’t know in what context as my PVR is busted).

I also have to find the time to prepare a document for a meeting coming up on Monday: I am developing an adaptation of a British sitcom for French TV. The rights have been purchased and now the gruelling work that goes into starting a show begins. So, I’m writing Mambo 2, producing 39 Steps, developing a tv series, and, oh yes, I’m writing a book. 

Last winter my agent suggested that I write a sort of guide to everything that is cool in Montreal, I foolishly said yes and it finally came through. The thing has to be done by February. So, Mambo2, 39 Steps, the tv series, and the book. Oh yes and I almost forgot: a friend asked me if I would be script consultant for her tv series (a huge success on the SRC). I accepted, but that’s only in April. So, let’s recapitulate: Mambo 2, 39 steps, brit tv series, book, and the script consulting thing. And I’m buying a condo in Miami, the greater Miami area that is, closing the deal, soon . Plus I’m financing the extension at my boyfriend’s so that I can move in in June (I need more place for my clothes) and overseeing the whole damn thing.  

So that’s about it. 

No wait: I’m meeting Daniel, who directed Funkytown, on Friday night to brainstorm  on a new project (I had forgotten about that one). And that would be it. I think.  What am I supposed to be working on tonight again? Ah yes Mambo 2. 

So tell me Gaetan, why did  I take time out to write this thing ? For free? I guess I owe you one. Several actually, for all the stories you wrote on me in my Fringe days (including a cover story). But now we’re even. Next time darling, you talk to my agent.

(Ed: I thank you, we all thank you.)
(Steve Gallucio is a Montreal playwright/producer, his film, Funkytown, opens December 17)

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