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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CharPo's WildSide Aggregator, 2011

All our articles and pics about and around the WildSide Festival at Centaur. (Check back often...there will be more first person articles, reviews and pics!)
Review: Neon Nightz
Review: Rant Demon
Review: ...the itsy bitsy spider...
Review: Miss Sugarpuss Must Die
Ford's Focus: Holly Gauthier-Frankel of Miss Sugarpuss Must Die
Review: Hamlet (solo)
Review: I am I
Review: Duplicity Girls
Video: Raoul Bhaneja talks about Hamlet (solo) 
Review: Hypnogogic Logic
Photo:'s here, baby!
Video: CharPo Editors' Choices, WildSide, 2011
First Person: Towards a Rock & Roll Theatre; I am I as seen by its author, Mike Czuba
Ford's Focus: Ned Cox author of Duplicity Girls
News: The arrival of ...itsy bitsy spider... creates news outside of Montreal.
Video: Keir Cutler in a clip from Rant Demon
Album: CharPo's WildSide Photo Album
Interview: Raoul Bhaneja of Hamlet (solo)
PictureThe ladies of Neon Nightz
VideoKeir Cutler (Rant Demon) on the Shakespeare question
InterviewAlexandre Marine, director of ...itsy, bitsy, spider...
ArticleKeir Cutler (of Rant Demon) talks about the art of the solo
Picture: The goofs of Uncalled For (Hypnogogic Logic)
PictureHolly Gauthier-Frankel, of the one and only Miss Sugarpuss Must Die, helps at the MECCAs

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