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Saturday, December 4, 2010

News: Mary Thomas, Centaur Wardrobe Mistress, Dies

Mary Thomas worked at Centaur Theatre for over three decades and is fondly remembered. Typical of comments on social networks was Steve Galluccio's, "RIP Mary Thomas...She worked on both [my plays] Mambo Italiano and Piazza San Domenico. Thanks for dressing my children, Mary." Val Tannage, who worked at Centaur added "I had so many chats with her down in the costume room, and she dressed me in such a great costume for a fundraising event we had one year, a purple saloon dress from the wild west days, still remember her getting that corset on caring and had a great caustic wit....she was my go to girl with my boy troubles. Very sad today thinking she has left us." A private memorial will be held in her honour at Centaur on Tuesday, December 7.

(Quotes with permission, additional info from CharPo contributors)

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