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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gifting Theatre: CharPo Contributors help you finish your shopping

Gaëtan Charlebois
The Lieutenant of Inishmore
When I saw the raw, unpleasant, hilarious power of Martin McDonagh's first play to be presented here, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, and then his brilliant film, In Bruges, I knew he was writing for me. This, from all reports, is a similarly difficult night of theatre but I bet you won't leave the theatre unmoved. Absurd Person Singular Going to a play by Alan Ayckbourn is like opening a Christmas present from a dear friend; it will always be a surprise, sometimes make you laugh until you cry...or just cry but it will always be something you really wanted.
(BTW: You still have a chance to win tickets to this show)

It’s a no-brainer … Centaur’s Wildside but don’t ask me to choose one play out of the lot!  Just buy that special someone a pass so they can go nuts and see everything … best deal in town AND you can work off the turkey, mash potatoes and gravy walking up that hill from the Place d’Armes Metro to get there!  If I HAVE to choose, either Miss Sugarpuss Must Die or Hynogogic Logic to inoculate against the inevitable onslaught of winter blues.

Neon Nightz at WildSide. Give your loved one a table dance at Centaur!

DAVID ALLAN KINGRepercussion Theatre brings back Raoul Bhaneja and Robert Ross Parker's Hamlet. I saw the premiere years ago, and it was a pretty fine one-man Hamlet! After years of extensive touring, they've only been fine-tuning it even more, so if you haven't caught it yet, it's a great Shakespearean gift. Be both naughty and nice this holiday with the gift of Neon Nightz at the upcoming Wildside Festival. Exploring the humane side of peelers inspired by Montreal in the 1990s, its stars feature sex columnist /burlesque mistress Sasha Van Bon Bon and Kitty Neptune, two of Canada's foremost, entertaining experts on the subject.

...the itsy bitsy spider... Alexandre Marine is one of the most creative Directors in Montreal. Hamlet (solo) A Hamlet like you've never seen before. Absurd Person Singular Alan Ackbourn writes good comedies. The Rialto is gorgeous!

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