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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Post-ian Question - December 15

The prize: The winner will receive one pair of tickets to Griffintown Theatre opening night of Absurd Person Singular by award winning playwright Alan Ayckbourn. 3 couples - 3 Xmas Eve's - 3 hysterical disasters. In the 1970s Absurd Person Singular became the longest running comedy on Broadway. Directed by Corey Castle. Opening Night Fri. Jan. 14 The Rialto 5723 Park Ave. Tix will be left at door. Play starts at 7:30; winner should pick up tix 7pm.

The challenge: In 140 characters (Tweet-length) write a rave review pull-quote for a play that would keep the audience away in droves. (Example: I was particularly fascinated by its dissection of Zoroastrian theology and how it led to the conclusion that God is a construct. Go!)

Add your entry as a comment to this post
with your real name. You may also comment on other nice. The deadline is midnight, Monday, January 6. The winner will be announced along with the next challenge Wednesday, January 8, along with the next challenge. Judges are CharPo contributors.



  1. Who knew urine could be splashed with such style? GOLDEN SHOWERS is a misty must! (Arrive early: the back row fills up fast.)

    - Arthur Holden

  2. Dear Arthur - We are happy to announce yours was the winning entry. You have won a pair of tickets to opening night of Absurd Person Singular Jan. 14 at Rialto Theatre 5723 Park Ave. Suggest you pick up tix at 7pm for 7:30pm show.

    Congrats! Enjoy the show. Thanks for participating. Keep checking for upcoming features, news, events, discussions and more.

  3. Many thanks, Estelle. I enjoy your reviews, and the entire Charpo site.


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