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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breaking News: Bryna Wasserman to leave Segal

Actor Éric Bernier (top), with
Wasserman, Jean Marchand and
Sgeal CEO Manon Gauthier
(Photo: Randy Cole)
Separate sources have now confirmed that Bryna Wasserman, artistic director at the Segal Centre, will be leaving, probably at the end of this season. She will be moving to New York to take over as Executive Director of the Yiddish Folksbienne Theatre. Ms Wasserman will continue her work with the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre, here, and the upcoming Yiddish festival at the house. Paul Flicker will be handling artistic director duties. Representatives of the company preferred not to comment at this time.

More to follow...
Update: 4:10 PM, April 13
Melissa Maloul-Cohen, Senior consultant/communications for the Segal, confirmed the story. They will be sending an official press release shortly (which we will publish in its entirety)


  1. I am going to really miss Bryna. Not only is she is a caring, compassionate, perfectionist (lol), she's simply a fantastic human being.

  2. Bryna's caring smile and eager hugs were welcome fringe benefits at the Segal. Working with her and having her support, when others haughtily turned their backs, was a true gift. For that I and many others will be eternally grateful. I wish her all the health, happiness and success in New York.

  3. Must be love! :-)
    Hope so.


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