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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Friday Five, April 1, 2011

The original photo before

Five Apps
Gaëtan L. Charlebois 

Want to send those phone photos out as PR, ASAP? How about tidying them up a bit with this terrific little app. You can crop, play with effects (posterize, cutout), adjust colours, and lose those red eyes. 
iPad, iPhone


If you're using a browser for your Twitter account, that's fine but on a mobile device, it's not nearly complete enough. You want an app that remembers hashtags, allows photo upload and can shorten tweets and links. There are several Twiiter clients out there, but this is the one I'm happy with. Some of these are free. But be verrrrry careful with free apps (as you sould be with those idiot games on Facebook) - the info they can cull from your mobile device is not always used in a gentle manner.
iPhone iPad Android

Internet Movie Data Base in app form. This is one that has been fully fleshed out and adds a nifty feature - what's on TV tonight. I've used it a gazzilion times when I want to know where the hell I've seen that actor before.
Android iPhone iPad

This one is like a trainwreck and amazingly fun. You can record your own karioke-style song and post it, or sing along with someone else (all around the world) or just listen to some wondrous and deliciously awful versions of songs which have been performed on the show. Amongbthe awful ones are people who are in on the joke or people who recorded - en groupe - at a bachannalia.
iPad iPhone Android

Garage Band
You know all that music in the CharPoSho videos on this site? I wrote it. I did it using Garage Band on my Mac and on my iPad and without being able to read music. The reason I am suggesting the app and/or software is that YouTube is becoming crucial to theatre marketing, background music crucial to vids posted and some of you are going to get into trouble if you do not stop using copyrighted music for your vids. Some media outlets (including CharPo) do everything they can to avoid copyright infringement and many will even check the clearances on a YouTube vid before embedding it. I will never compose the great Canadian symphony on GB, but I can throw together background music in a few hours using the instruments available, the loops and the auto-play functions. And it's a blast!

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  1. That must be Leo. Look at that punim! I didn't realize that his daddy was a technoid. Thanks for the tips.


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