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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News: Athol Fugard to receive lifetime Tony

Athol Fugard, a great friend of Montreal theatre, will be presented with a Tony Award for lifetime achievement in June.

Fugard - most of whose early plays were presented at Centaur (People Are Living There, Blood Knot, The Island, Sizwe Banzi is Dead, A Lesson From Aloes etc) has visited the city on two occasions and has directed at the Old Stock Exchange. Ex-Centaur artisic director Maurice Podbrey is primarily responsible for the introduction of the writer's plays to this country.

Fugard was a tireless combatant against apartheid and a long-time enemy of the state. His masterpiece, Master Harold and The Boys, harks back to his childhood as a privileged white child and his difficult relationship with his black servants.

Read the BBC story here.

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