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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EVENT: Village Theatre 2011 Season



Hudson Village Theatre
Box office : 450-458-5361

Andrew Johnston, Artistic Director of Hudson Village Theatre proudly announces the 2011 season’s schedule. 

With something for everyone!

The Fly Fisher's Companion
06-23-11 to 07-10-11
Written by:  HYPERLINK "" Michael Melski
Directed by: Irene Arseneault 
A new play by the author of the breakaway Canadian success, Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad, Michael Melski’s new play, The Fly Fisher’s Companion, is a hilarious, heartfelt journey into the lives of two men on their last fishing trip together. It’s a trip through decades, into ritual memory and imagination, and into a relationship that has all the turbulent beauty and gentle grace of a highland stream. 
“Michael Melski’s charming comedy… has a genuine feel for the many pulls and pushes of a life-long friendship.” 
- Vancouver Sun 

Wingfield On Ice
08-(4-5-6-7) 11
Directed by: Douglas Beattie 
Written by: Dan Needles
Performed by: Rod Beattie

As the first frosts come to Persephone Township, Walt and Maggie Wingfield are all set to welcome new life to the farm. She's expecting and he's nesting. But Walt is alarmed about the old feuds that divide the neighbours and disturb the tranquility of the community. His attempts to mend other people's fences meet with a resistance as stiff and cold as the weather itself. And the biggest challenge to all of them is looming on the horizon.
... powerhouse acting skills... could very well be the best of the bunch... It doesn't matter if you haven't seen any other installments of the series. Wingfield On Ice is theatrical magic that needs no introduction. 
- David Lennam, Weekend Edition

Skin Flick
08-11-11 to 08-28-11
Written by: Norm Foster
Directed by: Andrew Johnston

In the midst of an economic downturn, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to make some extra cash? Norm Foster’s Skin Flick follows a ‘regular’, middle-aged couple as they try to navigate the tough economic climate, despite having lost their jobs. Frustrated, they stumble upon the idea of producing a skin flick to make ends meet. Like fish out of water and deer in headlights, these lovable characters will keep you in stitches.
"Love, lust and laughs. Skin Flick has it all." – 
The Coast Magazine 
10-20-11 to 11-06-11
Written by: Paul Van Dyck
Directed by: Paul Van Dyck

Toula Foscolos of The Monitor writes:
Nineteen year old Esther Cox is a bar maid living modestly with her sister and brother in law in the small town of Amherst, Nova Scotia in 1870, when she starts hearing voices. That soon escalates into full-blown violent attacks and threatening messages, as the most sinister and most documented poltergeist event in North American history, starts to unfold and the girl’s life turns into a living nightmare. Based on real scientific journals and newspaper articles of the time, this story is true. And it’s scary as hell. 
  “Haunted production has a magical quality”
Pat Donnelly Montreal Gazette

Annual  Christmas Panto
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
12-16 -11 to 01-08-12
By: Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark (TLC Creative)
Directed by: Andrew Johnston

A tale of a girl, three bears and some porridge... and much more! The traditional Goldilocks story is given a new slant in this pantomime tale. An evil queen bee is up to no good in the woodland, planning global domination for her wicked swarm and now she has a secret weapon... a potent hypno-honey. Soon a battle is underway for control of the wood with Goldilocks and her friends in the thick of it. Lots of silliness, jokes (old and new!) and daft characters in this family show with plenty of audience participation!

Opera and Ballet in High Definition 
2011 Opera Season 
Film presentations on our Big Screen
October 8th - 9th  2011           Carmen
January 28th – 29th   2012     Eugene Onegin
February 11th – 12th 2012      Katia Kabanova
March 31 – April 1 2012    Turando
April 21st  - 22nd 2012   Mid Summer Nights Dream
Season Tickets go on sale May 20th 2011

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