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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Friday Five, April 29, 2011

Kyle Gatehouse (r, with Daniel Brochu in Centaur's Stones
in his pockets, photo:

Five MELT actors (or more) we should be watching more closely
by Gaëtan L. Charlebois and Estelle Rosen

They're not all theatre noobs, but we had another one of our late-night email confabs and decided these five actors (some who do a whole lot of other stuff) should be getting you all as excited as we are. (And, of course, you should add to this list in the comments section below.)

Kyle Gatehouse
He stole hearts (female and male) in Centaur's production of Stones in His Pockets, but he is also the Kyle in MattandKyleandMatt, the terrific comedy team that churns out videos that are silly as they are surprising.

Emma Lanza
As Helen in Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig was simply outstanding. New on the Montreal theatre scene, we’re likely going to see her in many more productions.
Alain Mercieca 

CharPo has liked his work as creator and/or actor in Squeegee Nights and Moans but he has been delighting his following for considerably longer than the life of this little site. He's cutting edge and joyfully all over the place.

Catherine Lemieux 

Simply she's a fave. Her work with Tableau D'hote has impressed and she pretty much stole the show - a hard thing to do when things are so wild - in Sexy Dirty Bloody Scary.

Gemma James-
James-Smith in Instructions (photo:
She's appeared in many productions featuring a wide range of character types, all of which she has handled lovingly. From the wild Elvira in Blithe Spirit to the nerdy genius in Instructions To Any Future Socialist Government Wishing to Abolish Christmas. She has been associated with SideMart Theatrical Grocery for several years and has performed in many of their productions including Haunted Hillbilly.


  1. a great five indeed! :)
    several others can be added to this list as well...

  2. Kyle Gatehouse really showed his great acting abilities in Stones in His Pockets.He nailed all the accents with each of the different characters he had to play and his comedic timing left the audience rolling with laughter.This is truly a talent to watch!!!!


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