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Thursday, May 19, 2011

EVENT: The Birth of Weza or Go F@#k Your Mother (Fringe, 2011)

  Sheep In Fog Presents:
The Birth of Weza or Go F@#k Your Mother.
Written by Joanne Sarazen. Directed by Tamara Brown
Featuring: Owen Clark, Catherine Lemieux, Mike Payette, and Lindsay Wilson.
Stage Managed by Brian Imperial. Designed by Noémi Poulin assisted by Joseph Perez. Sound by Dumisizwe Vuyo Bhembe. Photos by Antoine Yared.
Tom is going to die. Susan is going to restore balance. Eleanor can’t write. Will’s not sure he ever could. From the company that brought you Puck Bunny and Jesus Jello: The Miraculous Confection, comes a new play that endeavours to answer the age old question: “Why won’t you give me a f@#ing baby already?”
Join us at Freestanding Room. 4324 Boulevard Saint Laurent
  • Friday June 10: 9pm 
  • Saturday June 11: 11pm 
  • Sunday June 12: 5pm
  • Monday June 13: 9pm (Volunteer Show) 
  • Tuesday June 14: 9pm
  • Thursday June 16: 9pm
  • Friday June 17: 11pm
  • Saturday June 18: 7pm 
  • Sunday June 19: 7pm
Sheep In Fog began in 2009 as a collaboration between playwright Lindsay Wilson, director Alexandra West and actress Joanne Sarazen. 
Media Contact: Joanne Sarazen 
579 Gerrard Street E. Toronto, ON. M4M 1Y2
Get your tickets at: or by telephone at: 514-849-FEST 

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