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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EVENT: Crazy Love (Fringe 2011)

Crazy Love from Jason McCullough on Vimeo.

TWO SEUL Productions Presents 
A Dark Comedy 
Written by David Sklar



“A funny, smart and scary play - it's a roller coaster ride about one of those
relationships you always knew you should get out of, once and for all, but never got around to.  After this, you won't forget” –Kit Brennan 

Leo has just been freed from a rocky relationship and is set to restart his life with his new love. That is until his ex, Rebecca, shows up unannounced to reveal that she is pregnant with their “love” child. Tension ensues, past grudges are rehashed and both parties stop at nothing to win back their life, even at the expense of their furniture. Both are forced to take a deep and honest look into each other’s hearts. Dead baby jokes included!

Working together again for the first time since the 2008 Mecca Nominated This Hour Has 88 Years, Braulio Elicer (Centaur’s Comedy of Errors, Paradise by the River; winner of the CETM’s Le Spotlight 2008, Dome Graduate) and David Sklar (Persephone’s Henry V, Concordia Theatre’s Scorched, Assistant Director at the Stratford Shakespeare School) call on Amy Kitz (Co-creator and founding member of Map Project, Concordia Theatre’s Doctor Faustus) to re-examine and share a gut wrenching true life story that has changed them forever! 

Venue #6: Mainline Theatre 3997 St-Laurent 
Saturday June 11th at 24h00 Volunteer Show 
Sunday June 12th at 19h00
Wednesday June 15th at 20h15min
Friday June 17th at 13h30min 
Saturday June 18th at 23h45min
Sunday June 19th 13h30min
Tickets: $10 Regular, $8 Students and Baby Mama’s 

Fringe Box Office and Hotline: 514.849.FEST  HYPERLINK "" 
For more information, contact David Sklar at 514-992-4490 or  HYPERLINK "" 
Photos courtesy of Jeremy Bobrow   HYPERLINK "" 


  1. Hey David,
    The play sounds fun and intense at the same time. Kind of like you! I will stop by on the first Saturday to check it out. Break a leg to everyone associated with your show!
    -Clint Earle (Between Gossip & Dreams - at Cabaret Du Mile-End)

  2. Hey Clint,

    Thanks for the love. We are very excited about this piece. Can't wait to check out Between Gossip & Dreams.

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