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Sunday, May 15, 2011

EVENT: The MAP Project

CharPo has created a link for the company's PDF. Download it here. 
It is with great pleasure and excitement that The MAP Project announces the debut of its first professional show at Mainline Theatre entitled "FOUR: Yourself."

"FOUR: Yourself" is the ultimate verbatim script of our time. Caught between documentary theatre and multimedia performances, "FOUR" asks: how does one construct self? Who owns words, the author or the performer? Is it possible to be authentic onstage?

Our generation has witnessed every story told, reused, Disney-fied, and sequeled. It is also this generation which is described as 'apathetic,' not because of a lack of interest or engagement, but perhaps because of a lack of words. The struggle to find original stories and personal narratives is at the forefront of our consciousness. "FOUR" follows three young performers as they become displaced by a tornado of recycled words, stories, and characters. As they journey towards Oz, they are forced to wrestle with their inadequacies in order to return home.

The MAP Project is composed of a group of interdisciplinary artists based in Montreal, exploring Mind, Action, and Personality. "FOUR: Yourself" will be showing at Mainline Theatre from May 25-28, 2011.

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Also, stay tuned for our website launch on Sunday May 15th! 

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