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Thursday, May 5, 2011

News: Black Theatre Workshop says Farewell to Benskin

From Black Theatre Workshop Release:

Farewell and Good Luck to BTW Artistic Director Mr. Tyrone Benskin 

THURSDAY MAY 5 2011 - It is with great sadness that Black Theatre Workshop announces the resignation of Artistic Director Tyrone Benskin. After 6 years of being a strong leader for the company Mr. Benskin now sets his sights on Ottawa as a Member of Parliament for the Montreal riding of Jeanne-Le Ber. 

“It is Bittersweet, I am really excited to represent the artistic voice and the great work we, as artists, do as well as serving the needs of the residents of Jeanne-Le Ber, but it is always hard to move away from your family, and BTW is my family.” Tyrone Benskin, Former Artistic Director, Black Theatre Workshop.

The Board would like to deeply thank Mr. Benskin for 6 years of unwavering service leading up to this year’s 40th anniversary– one of BTW’s most successful and talked about seasons to date. Mr. Benskin returns for the Theatre Conference "Since Mama Done Got off the Couch" and to participate in the June 2nd B-Day Bacchanal, a 40th anniversary party that will now also celebrate his services to the theatre community. 

“The Board and staff of Black Theatre Workshop congratulate Tyrone on his victory in the recent election. We will miss him deeply but support his commitment to serving our country. We are pleased that someone with his background, who has made such an impact on the arts and culture of Canada, will now be a Member of Parliament.” Jacklin Webb, on behalf of the Board and Staff of BTW Mr. Benskin has been part of the BTW family since his youth and his first performance with the company in the 1981 production of The Gingerbread Lady. After a distinguished career in theatre, film and television Mr. Benskin joined the Board of Black Theatre Workshop before finally settling in as the Artistic Director in 2005. 

Black Theatre Workshop, as the oldest African Canadian theatre company and celebrating its 40th season, stands strong in its commitment to bringing all Canadians the enlightening and profound stories that come from African Canadians throughout this country. Come celebrate the old and be a part of the new with Black Theatre Workshop’s 40th anniversary season and join us at the historic “Since Mama Done Got off the Couch!” playwright conference and BTW’s 40th anniversary Birthday Bacchanal on June 
2, 2011. 

Black Theatre Workshop is now accepting applications for consideration for post of Artistic Director. Please see the website for more details: 


For media requests and interviews please contact Ashley Belmer Marketing & Development 
Director Black Theatre Workshop 514-932-1104 ext 223  

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