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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

News: Changing of The Guard at Repercussion

From Press Release:


Montreal, May 2, 2011- Repercussion Theatre’s Board of Directors is proud to announce the appointment of a new General Manager, Kym Brennan. She will be taking over from Paul Hopkins, who, for the past 2 years, has been serving as both the General Manager and the Artistic Director. Brennan’s addition to the team will allow Hopkins to better focus on his role as Artistic Director, while Brennan will concentrate on the company’s administration and helping steer Repercussion’s vision.“This is a really big step for Repercussion,” says Hopkins. “After coping with limited staff for the past few years, we’re finally in a position to strengthen the management of the company. And Kym is the perfect person to help us do that.” 

Brennan has been working as General Manager, Administrative Director and/or Production Manager in theatre and visual arts for several years now. Upon graduating from the National Theatre School, production and management section in 1996, she first worked as a Production Assistant for the Festival de théâtre des amériques, and freelanced on different stages for theatre venues and festivals in Montreal as Stage Manager. She was then hired by Théâtre Harpagon, a Montreal-based creation theatre company, as their General and Production Manager. Brennan then left for British Colombia to continue her work in festivals. 

Back in Quebec in 2003, she explored the visual arts for a few years by working at Centre d’art et de diffusion Clark, an artist-run centre, as their Administrative Director. “Although working in visual arts opened my spectrum of creation grandly, I missed theatre”, she comments, “I was told, by a director I worked with, these wise words: “You can take away the girl from theatre, but you’ll never remove the theatre from the girl.” I guess he was right.”

Greg Stone, Repercussion Theatre
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