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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beyond Our Fourth Wall, September 28, 2011

A look around and out
by Estelle Rosen

This column has been rechristened Beyond Our Fourth Wall and will now bring you theatre of interest in French.

A Cuban family emigated to Florida shortly before the 1929 Depression and try to maintain the tradition of producing hand rolled cigars. 
Theatre du Rideau Vert

Inspired by Balzac, the inimitable avant garde Laurie Anderson invents a subtle world about dreams, memory and identity.
Delusion  Oct 4 – 6
Usine C

Molière’s character in this comedy would make feminists wince! Sewing, prayer and serving her man is all a woman needs to know.
Theatre du Nouveau Monde

The weekend Joe finds an iPod on the metro leads to a major upset in his life.
Chaque Jour Oct. 11 – Nov. 19
La Grande Licorne

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