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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Theatre For One

Theatre For One is precisely what it says it is
by Estelle Rosen

Picture this: you’re sitting in the Concordia University Sculpture Garden Courtyard, chatting with others waiting in line.

You’re escorted into a small telephone size booth. Makeup mirror lights are on; music is playing. Lights gradually lower. Music fades.  All reminiscent of  a theatre experience. Except usually other theatregoers are there as well.  But this is Theatre For One. And you’re the One.

You sit down on a leather-covered small armchair. You’re facing a door. Anticipation is in high gear. You don’t know what to expect. You could be presented with a performance, a singer, a musician or a magician.

The door slides open. Seated facing me is a young man. We’re looking in each other’s eyes, sharing his presentation.  I don’t want to give away what happened next; this may be the one you’ll experience when you see Theatre For One. And I would say, go see it.

The solo experience created a unique bonding between the performer and myself. I couldn’t tune out as we sometimes do in a regular theatre presentation. What ensues is a particular experience; one that is very personal, taking on much more significance than sitting in a theatre with one hundred other people.  

Six performances are presented in rotation. You don’t know which one you’ll see; each experience will be different. Free admission means you could see them all! 

Artistic Director Christine Jones, with Associate Artistic Director Ana Cappelluto, has given theatregoers an opportunity to experience unique edgy creativity. Don’t miss this opportunity.

To Sept. 25 Show details 
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