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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beyond Our Fourth Wall, February 22, 2012

Alex is obsessed with filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Devastated by his death he becomes physically and mentally off balance.
Mar 15 – 31 Théâtre La Chapelle
(photo by Olivier Morin)

Theatre...en français
by Estelle Rosen

“Happy families cause me anguish” Jérémie Niel.
Croire au mal
To March 3 Théâtre La Chapelle

Brussels theatre companies present a play that asks whether burning subjects can ever be re-defined as lukewarm.
Mar 13 – 17 Espace Libre 

Grating comedy about ambiguous connections between desire, personal accomplishments, and love.
Mar. 5 – Apr. 13 Petite Licorne

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