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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sunday Read: Estelle Rosen on CKUT

Me and CKUT
The iconic and important part of our local culture is in danger
by Estelle Rosen

At a time when my life wasn't quite so rosy, my survival instinct kicked in.  I couldn't identify it as such then. I was listening to and following instincts which ultimately proved to act as anchors for quality of life survival.

We get used to bad things, getting used to good things required its own form of adjustment.

Two things in particular significantly helped get me through an emotionally difficult life experience.

First, enrolling in a writing course with Joel Yanofsky brought sanity to my insane life in upheaval.  Writing personal essays remains one of the most beneficial ways for me to deal with life's little surprises.

Second, joining CKUT provided a sense of being where I should be. Beyond being accepted and welcomed without question, the hallmark of CKUT, was the amazing feeling of belonging. A most welcome feeling at that point. We get used to bad things; getting used to good things required its own form of adjustment.  In addition to CKUT enriching my life, as a bonus I have made life-long friends. Upstage has been one of the most gratifying experiences ever. 

The current situation placing CKUT in jeopardy is especially distressing. The potential loss of a community radio station which has been broadcasting from the McGill campus since the 1960s affects listeners, the community, the 300+ volunteers and much more. This isn't the place to discuss the whys and wherefores of McGill/CKUT/QPIRG kerfuffle. Read about it at I can only hope resolution will happen soon.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: CKUT is not only a key part of our community but also integral to Montreal English-language theatre life. Estelle Rosen's Upstage: Theatre on Radio is just one of the programs on the station which  has brought theatre artists to public attention who would  otherwise have been lost in the media and PR noise. Through our partnership with Upstage, CharPo has also been able to expand its coverage of local and international theatre artists each week with The Upstage Interview. We beg readers of CharPo - especially those at McGill - to respond to appeals for help in any way they can and before media coverage of theatre in Montreal shrinks once again.

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