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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Friday Five, February 10, 2012

Canadian Icon, Christopher Plummer says a lot of things. He has never said any of the following, but sometimes, when I lie awake at night, I imagine that he has. Come, imagine with me...
by Matt G of Matt and Kyle and Matt
1. “Call me Sir Christopher Plummer.”
2. “Once, on the set of The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews and I had sex in the back of the church. She felt awful about it, but I kept saying ‘Relax, it’s not a real church, it’s just a movie church, God doesn’t give a shit’. None of the other nuns felt nearly as bad about it.”
3. “Tighter! Damn you! I want my face tighter! So tight that when I smile my lips bleed.” 
4. “So me, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McKellen all took a shit into a brown paper bag, we put it on the porch and set it on fire. Alec Guiness was pissed.”
5. My all time favourite Canadian actors are Matthew, Kyle, and Matthew of MattandKyleandMatt

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