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Thursday, July 12, 2012

EVENT: Dick Powell's In The Mood For Jazz!

Dick Powell's In The Mood For Jazz!
From July 16-22 at 8:30
Cafe Cleopatra, 1230 Boul. St. Laurent

Graham Cuthbertson as Dick Powell
Angela Galuppo as Laura Thornton
Patrick Costello as Holly Houston-Vanderbilt III
Buck Wheaton as Buck Wheaton
Solon McDade as Sandy Beaches
Erik Hove as Buster Nelligan
Jeff Louch as Shorty Benton
Christopher McCarron as Jorge Ponderoca jr.  

For Tickets visit the ZOOFEST website at

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Or visit:
The official Just for Laughs Box Office at
2095 boul. St-Laurent
Montreal QC H2X 2T5
La Vitrine at
2 Ste-Catherine Street Est (corner of St-Laurent)
Montréal, QC H2X 1K4


As part of the ongoing Jazz Master's Series at Zoofest, we are proud to announce an almost carnally intimate evening with one of the most audible hangers-around in the history of art and music!
After a lengthy absence Dick Powell, "The Stepfather of Jazz" to many, "Old Smokey Eyes" to some and "Fat Faced Dick" to his inner circle, joins us onstage for an evening of performance and candid discussion surrounding his life in jazz. Dick will sing many of the songs from his decade's long affair with jazz music that he thinks should be your favourites. Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of jazz's greatest commodity’s speak of his auspicious beginnings as a young coal shoveler for prostitutes, right through to his legendary residencies in divorce court’s around the world!
As a solitary treat for those in attendance, Dick will be joined on stage by his third and most beautiful ex-wife, actress Laura Thornton, the incandescent star of movie house, stage, concert hall, and all other rooms with very high ceilings! 
Dick and Laura will of course be supported by five of the most instrumental masters in all of jazz: The Buck Wheaton Trio.
The evening will be hosted by renowned jazz critic Holly Houston-Vanderbilt III.
Hear what the critics are saying:
"An impossible act to follow... A brilliant spoof of a 50s style lounge act... And, oh, can (Laura Thornton) sing!"  Montreal Gazette
"In The Mood for Jazz is a perfect satire of old-time jazz performances...  If you’ve got a musical bone in your body and you love to laugh, then go see this show."
"Dick is the voice that launched one huge, heavy ship."  Holly Houston-Vanderbilt III

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