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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Zoofest: Everything You Need to Know

Phone Whore
You've heard nothing about the English theatre content of Zoofest? 
We're not surprised. Neither have we... here's a list of links to the articles we have published about shows appearing in this "quiet" little festival. You're bound to find a show you want to book tickets to NOW!

Phone Whore is brilliant, and we've said so. "Phone Whore is the kind of wondrous theatre work which forces you to face not just your own limits, but also what the limits are for text, performance and - let me say it - theatre itself." Be aware, though: Cameryn Moore takes you into some dark places.

My Pregnant Brother
My Pregnant Brother / Mon frère est enceinte is playing (alternating) in French and English - however you see it, it makes you laugh, destroys you and lifts you up again. " funny as it is soul-plumbingly moving and it shows an actor (seen before) at the very height of her powers."

Dick Powell's In The Mood For Jazz was a highlight of this year's edition of Wildside at Centaur. Find out why. "(Graham) Cuthbertson and Angela Galuppo...can sing, and are having a whole lot of fun..."

Scottish Sperm...well - och! - nuf sed!

For tickets and a little information (some of which we have heard is wrong), click here.

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