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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Elevated (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Valerie Cardinal

Based on its posters, I was expecting Elevated: Pushing Buttons to be twee. It could have used more of that and less of the cliché Hollywood romantic comedy plot it actually had.

Linda and Dylan meet in a broken elevator, and then embark in a relationship that changes both their lives. They must first survive cliché after cliché in a narrative that I found highly implausible. The outcome actually made me a little angry because I felt Dylan didn’t deserve the “happy ending” he got. I’m not sure if this was perhaps the point Joseph Ste. Marie’s script was trying to make.

The problem with Elevated is also in its execution. The chemistry between Joseph Ste. Marie and Danielle Doiron fell flat. I think Ste. Marie could have benefited from having another actor interpret his work. He has some bad habits that need to be broken by his director. At one point, he was pacing on the spot so much that I wanted to jump out of the audience and physically make him stop moving around for no reason.

Doiron did the best she could with the material, but based on the writing it’s hard to believe her character would ever look twice at a man-child like Dylan.

Elevated comes off as an amateur performance that needs more rehearsal and possibly a rewrite.

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