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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: TIRED WAVE STOP! (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Valerie Cardinal
I’m amazed at Steve Boleantu’s endurance and commitment. TIRED WAVE STOP! is one hour of him as two characters. Boleantu not only makes it work and keeps his energy up, but he manages to make it delightful to see. Monday night’s audience may have been tiny, but I could tell everyone else was just as charmed as I was.

TIRED WAVE STOP! is an expertly-weaved fairy tale about The Sea Captain, an eccentric and possibly crazy man who steals his co-worker’s boat and heads out to a life at sea. He falls in love with a mermaid and winds up with a first mate, the Monkey Boy. But what’s a sea captain to do when all his first mate wants to do is see land?

Both the Sea Captain and Monkey Boy are played by Boleantu, as he leaps around the stage with impressive agility. However, there are really three characters in TIRED WAVE STOP!, as The Sea Captain’s ship, The White Dove, plays a pivotal role as The Sea Captain’s closest friend and advisor.

The adventures of The Sea Captain and Monkey Boy make for an entertaining hour. Boleantu is so good, the audience allows for the suspension of disbelief needed to see a fully-bearded man play a 10-year-old. TIRED WAVE STOP! is nicely blocked and it doesn’t seem weird that the actor’s only interactions are with his ship and a recorded voice-over of the mermaid. It’s quirky, it’s funny, it’s adorable and it’s done very well.

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